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Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to our online home!

We did it!  Finally, a CCL&D web site!  Here we are, peddling the stock of our trade; through a medium that has eluded us for tolong.   

Well, not exactly!  We have a presence.  Several to be exact!  Enter CCL&D, Clear Language and Design, or IWIP, in your search engine, and you are likely to get results pointing to some evidence, that indeed, we are not WWW-shy. 

However, what about a home we can call our own?  One that family, friends, supporters can visit.  For a few minutes, or a few hours, confident that each visit will open doors to new insights into the world of CCL&D. 

Now that we are here, what will be different?! 

Our work to build individual and community capacity through our adult education, leadership development, and technical assistance partnerships will no doubt continue with the vigour and enthusiasm that have become the staple that sustains our board, staff and program participants.  However, we will become more alert to the benefits (or potential pitfalls), of capturing and sharing our work in creative and meaningful ways via this medium

Some of the stories written by our program participants, their digital stories, and the findings of their community resources needs assessments (CRNA) will find a permanent place in our home.  As we evolve and embrace our online presence, we will try our best to put the bandwidth to good use, and make it one of the pillars on which to build our vision of “Strong Communities Together, and to advance our mission of “creating a strong culture of community engagement through capacity-building, progressive learning and innovative training".

Thanks for visiting, please come again!





      Alfred Jean-Baptiste

Executive Director Toronto Centre for Community Learning and Development