Media Releases

      1) From Isolation to Independence: Program Bridges the Cultural Divide that immigrant Women Feel. (By Jennifer Brown, The Toronto Star)

Ma Rong knows what it's like to arrive in a strange new country with a small child and no understanding of the language or culture. Two years ago, Ma came to Toronto from China with her husband and son in the middle of a January cold snap.

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    2) Profile: Neeru Mishra. (By Brian J. D'Souza - The Canadian Immigrant Magazine)

The mothter of a six-year-old daughter; Mishra's first impression of the country was not confusion from culture shock. " It was so cosmopolitan. there were people from all parts of INdia; you see people who speak different languages."

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   3) Moving Forward with IWIP. (By Brian J. D'Souza - The Canadian Immigrant Magazine)

Shova, a participant who emigrated from Nepal in 2004 with her husband and children explains, "The course strengthened my foundation on Community Development and has helped me further my credentials."

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