Academic Skills Upgrading

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS)

Funded by the Ministry of Training & Colleges (Literacy & Basic Skills Program), upgrading is provided for adults who have a desire to improve their literacy and academic skills: reading, writing, numeracy, communication management, and computer skills, leading to further education and training, or employment.  The program is student-centred, goal-oriented, and tailored to each individual’s learning needs.

LBS Instruction

  • LBS Level 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Full-time program - 9:30am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday
  • Small class sizes

Course components

       ¬ Language Arts: Includes reading comprehension, vocabulary, and paragraph writing. Methods of delivery include classroom teaching, group discussions and independent studies. Methods of evaluation include oral and written testing and classroom participation.

       ¬ College Math Preparation: Using a standardized Mathematics curriculum, LBS students are provided with guidance in the mathematical skills necessary for future success in a college program. This course includes instruction in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry, linear equations, and exponents.

       ¬ Communication Management & Techniques: A six-month self-direction/self-management course where participants are challenged to explore “self” and community relations through Self-Awareness, Tolerance, Diversity, Assertiveness and Group Dynamics. Participants are engaged through group projects, presentations, creative writing, life skills coaching, class discussions, and use of multi-media tools.

     ¬ Job Readiness/Employability Skills Training: A three-month course that introduces students to the main elements of employability through hands-on exercises and class discussions. Students will develop a variety of essential skills and knowledge needed to increase their over-all employability and prepare them for participation in a Job Shadow Placement.


If you are interested in registering for our Academic Skills Upgrading- LBS Program, you can arrange for an appointment with Loretta Chang (Assessment Counsellor) at (416) 968-6989 ext. 107.

  • Assessment: The counsellor will conduct an assessment of reading and writing skills, and assign the LBS Level at which you could begin classes
  • Referral Services: If it is determined that other services might be more suitable for you to help attain your goal, you will be directly referred to a more appropriate program. If you are interested in any services or programs that CCL&D does not offer, our staff can provide guidance for locating a convenient location for this from across the Greater Toronto Area.