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Daniels Centre of Learning - About

Daniels Centre of Learning, formerly the Regent Park Centre of Learning, opened in April 2010 as a part of the Regent Park Revitalization. The centre aims to be a one-stop location where residents can access educational programs that have never been offered in their community before.

Instructors from many recognized institutions have volunteered to provide a diverse array of programs, ranging from academic courses such as social justice and entrepreneurial business, to more community-based activities like learning circles, workshops and information sessions. Programs and activities delivered at the Centre will be based on guiding principles that aim to: 

  •        Further enhance cultures of learning in the Regent Park community;
  •        Support social inclusion strategies and the promotion of community engagement;
  •        Participate in training related to community capacity-building;
  •        Facilitate opportunities for active participation in the areas of community and individual empowerment and improvement;

The Centre of Learning will also be a source of direction for residents who are looking for opportunities outside of the community. Residents will be able to consult with the centre’s community engagement workers and information & referral specialists, to explore opportunities offered in the rest of the city. The Centre is a place where “seamless access to a continuum of education services” can be found (Schroeder, 2005), a location where residents will be better able to access a range of education, learning and training opportunities right across the City of Toronto.

Daniels Centre of Learning will also be a gathering place for existing and new members of this diverse and vibrant community. The Centre of Learning will promote active citizenry, and link into opportunities for actual participation and engagement;  ensuring that learning is relevant, purposeful and accessible to people as part of their everyday lives. It will also link into wider networks, and encourage participants to contextualize their individual experiences in relation to those of people across Toronto.  

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